First Class Process Service
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Advanced Technology = Success

First Class Process Service uses advanced technology in several areas:

  1. Client Side: Clients can place orders, send documents electronically, track the progress of their order in real-time, see detailed reports including GPS data and photos, and more through our web portal. This service is available anywhere you have an internet connection.
  2. Back End: The First Class office is digitized so your documents enter our database directly without any manual data entry so there are no mistakes to be made. Affidavits of Service can be scanned in at high speed and get automatically assigned to the proper client file.
  3. High Volume: Clients that deal in high volume can truly see how our amazing technology enables greater efficiency. Data can be accepted and sent in almost any format (ServeX, NetDirector, YGC Data Link, etc.) so there is no change to existing software or databases. Customized reports can be provided daily, weekly, monthly or on any schedule to meet your needs. High volume clients may qualify for a discounted rate. Please see the new account application page or contact us to make changes to your existing account.