When Seconds Count…

…the police are only minutes away. And in New York, here are your finest hard at work:

Aaron Wright, a commanding officer in the IAB (Internal Affairs Bureau) who led the charge in investigating the Bronx ticket fixing scandal, beat his police sergeant girlfriend Nicole McFarlane unconscious.

When McFarlane pulled up in her 2006 Nissan Altima, Wright came out of the shadows and twice kicked the driver-side door, the sources said. Then he slugged her so hard with his right fist that she lost consciousness, according to court documents.The next thing McFarlane remembered was being lifted off the ground by a uniformed cop with her left eye and jaw swollen and bruised, court papers and sources said. She was rushed to Jamaica Hospital.

Over 17 year ago Detective Michael Donnelly had an improper relationship with a key witness in a cabby slaying case that ended up with Eric Glisson being wrongfully imprisoned for the crime for 17 years. Eric is now preparing to sue the city for $100 million:

Glisson’s notice of claim seeks damages from the city. If it does not lead the city to settle the case, he can sue.

“I think the people who committed this atrocity towards me should be held liable,” Glisson said.

Watkins’ lawyer declined to comment. “It’s a wonderful feeling just to get up and see my life is not going to be dictated,” he said.

An NYPD psychologist, Casey Stewart, declared officer Timothy Silo to be unfit for duty because he had the makings of a future alcoholic. Silo was required to report to Stewart after an incident outside a bar during a department holiday party where some thugs attacked the cops.

Silo never went inside the bar, and none of the officers was accused of wrongdoing — but Stewart allegedly considered Silo guilty until proven innocent, according to a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit Silo filed last week.

Stewart spent more than eight hours grilling Silo about his drinking habits and his father’s alcoholism, and berating him as a liar when he insisted he had only consumed two drinks at the holiday party, according to the court papers.

Even though a second psychologist overruled Stewart and declared Silo fit for duty, months later, the determined Stewart kept pushing.

Stewart apparently decided Silo would become an alcoholic one day — and recommended the probationary officer be fired, according to court papers.

Meanwhile, the court system in the Bronx isn’t exactly helping things move along smoothly. There is a backlog of over 900 felony cases, 270 of which are more than 3 years old! Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman called for the 10 state judges to be brought in to help clear the backlog.

The decision to deploy the super-judges comes several months after Lippman dismantled the disastrous 2004 merger of Bronx’s lower Criminal Court with its Supreme Court in an attempt to reduce the backlog of misdemeanor cases – which increased the felony caseload.

The Bronx currently has 931 felony cases that are more than two years old compared to Manhattan which comes in second with 217 pending cases.

“This acute backlog of felony cases is entirely unacceptable to all of us in the courts and the entire justice community in Bronx County. It simply cannot continue any longer.”

Don’t worry though. Now that New York State has passed very restrictive gun control laws everything is safe and sound and there is nothing to concern yourselves with. Sure, there may some problems with mounting public debt, underfunded pensions, potholes, bedbugs, failing schools, etc. but those are really minor in comparison to the important victories: limiting people’s soda consumption, limiting access to pain medication, and trampling on civil rights – all for the sake of our children.

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