What Happens When Anyone Can Manufacture A Gun At Home With A 3D Printer?

This issue was touched upon previously in the article Oft Evil Will Shall Evil Mar:

A 3D-printed gun, were it only to fire one shot before melting or failing, is still a gun. After that, the difference is only in what kind of gun it is.

Of course printed guns don’t and won’t constitute the major part of the ideas in such a major and divisive debate as gun control. But that does not obviate the fact that we can print guns. We can do so today, and the ability to do so is only improving. It is very important to note that one need not take a side in the debate to acknowledge this. And it is very important that we acknowledge this now, so that we are not forced to acknowledge it later, when it will be too late to take either side…

Part of the discussion has to be that, government or otherwise, there can be no more control over printed guns than there can be over printed spoons. Regulation or banning of firearms, whether you think the idea is good or bad, will soon be impossible.

A recent article at TechCrunch had the author wetting his pants over the actions of Defense Distributed in posting video and plans for 3D printing a high capacity AR-15 magazine.

The video, which is, unnecessarily, full of snarky vitriol, shows that, on some level, the 3D printed gun isn’t very far off. It also shows that the call for 3D printer legislation could soon overpower the call for freedom. The problem with childish displays of firepower coupled with “How’s that national conversation going?” is that it proves that the folks who are doing this tinkering are less than responsible. They feel that this is a freedom of speech issue rather than a gun control issue. It’s abundantly clear that the lads at Defense Distributed are enjoying their newfound notoriety and, like a boy band on their first tour, they’re ready to trash some hotel rooms.

And (courtesy of AoS) comes a bracing dose of reality:

It’s quite hysterical that a “defender of the freedom to tinker” would blame the tinkerers over the efforts of an authoritarian congressman to put limits on the technology. You can almost read where his “discretion” and “need to self-censor” commentary would have gone. It’s also interesting that the line between exciting technological advancement and dangerous political exploitation just happens to match up perfectly with this preening sissy’s delicate sensibilities.

There’s more goodness at the link, including an interesting video of the guy from Defense Distributed in a Glenn Beck show interview.

Maybe this is a factor in the sudden strong push for new gun control laws, even though those laws do nothing to keep us safer and violate our civil rights.

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