To Our Youth: Say It Loud, Say It Proud, “I WILL NOT PAY!”

Congress has shamefully continued its longstanding practice of borrowing money to buy votes today, which the youth of America will be forced to repay even though they will not see any benefits from this wasteful, profligate spending.

So what we’ve done is told you, our youth, that you must pay back that which we stole.  In this case, when we add in those promises, your personal debt is not $52,131 (climbing by the minute) it’s $184,298 — and climbing every minute.

Again, you have received no benefit from any of these funds that were “spent forward” nor will you ever receive any benefit from them now or in the future.  You also never consented, since you cannot vote.  What’s worse is that your children — the next generation and beyond, who will come if and when you find a suitable partner and choose to have children — will be saddled with an ever-increasing amount of this debt.

To explain to you how crazy this is ten years ago, in 2000, your personal share of the Federal debt was $20,503.  In the last ten years while you were going to school I, your mother, your grandparents and everyone around you who were 18 or older blew over $32,000 of your money that you do not yet have and yet we propose to force you to pay that money, plus interest, to the government in the future.  Worse, we’ve far more than doubled the political promises that led to the $184,298 up above — your total including those promises ten years ago was closer to $50,000.

In a sense Americans under 18 who are too young to vote are being enslaved by the sheer volume of debt being piled on.

The truth is that as long as the government runs a deficit it is adding to the amount of money it believes it can force you, those who are too young to resist, to pay — without your consent.

I am in the minority; most of your parents and virtually all of your grandparents have demanded for years that they be able to obtain things from the government they are unwilling to pay for.  They do this by insisting that more and more debt be taken on, which is exactly identical to taxing the money but not collecting it.

Who gets to pay, if the taxed money is not collected?

Why you do, you see, which is why that number up there keeps going up.

What can we do? Read the original article for the answer.

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