The Timidity Of Pragmatic Politics: Bad Money Rising

Jeff at Protein Wisdom is convinced that the actions we are seeing played out with the Obama administration’s policies and the actions of Democrats in Congress and in certain blue states is nothing less than a coup:

I’ll say this again,  and in all seriousness:  this is a coup.  We are living through an attempted coup — the result of a New Left strategy that relies less on ostensible violence than it does on the long march through the institutions, and now the concerted funding source to destroy the remains of free market capitalism.  And make no mistake:  many of those giant pro-market industries that will come under attack will switch positions and join the crony capitalist cabal that allows the left to maintain the appearance of a “capitalist” economy even as what they are institutionalizing is liberal fascism, to be imposed on largely disarmed subjects, who are to be molested through the tax code, the regulatory code, and by the hamstringing of their natural rights, which tyrannical men will claim to lord over and reform as privilege.

Which they dole out in exchange for their secured and permanent power.

Businesses are largely risk averse, and those large enough to be targeted will make the pragmatic decision to survive.  Smaller businesses, under heavier tax burdens and under duress from regulators and lawmakers (a quid pro quo to the large corporations who join the progressive coup effort), will fold or struggle mightily, limiting competition.

In much the same way, GOP establishment lawmakers will surrender to big government, recognizing that the appearance of a two party system keeps them safe and flush with campaign money from those who oppose the coup.  Because they realize that every once in a while, they’ll be voted into power, and then the large revenue streams and the crony system will, for a period, benefit and enrich them.  In fact, it is government qua government that, recognizing the benefits to itself, will clamp down on citizens in order to hold on to the power and perks they are now solidifying for themselves.  Party makes no difference.  Only virtuous men and women are fit to run a free country, and we surrendered principle for pragmatism along time back — willingly, and while being told it was the only way to win elections.

Why are so many media organizations ignoring such a huge story about money and politics when they had previously been all over Citizens United?

There is, as Matthew Continetti notes, a certain irony in the idea that “an association of organizations with combined revenue of more than a billion dollars is launching a campaign to get ‘big money out of politics.’” In truth, no one wants to get money out of politics, but a lot of people want to get their opponents’ money out of politics.

Money per se is a neutral value, but there is, for this purpose, a difference between clean money and dirty money. Clean money is contributed voluntarily out of political or philosophical conviction. Dirty money is money that is not contributed voluntarily, but is extracted from union members and taxpayers against their will. It is dirty money, in my view, that we should get out of politics.

Certain progressive politicians feel emboldened to take advantage of the mourning in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre to push for stricter gun control measures. Never mind that those measures would do nothing to prevent a Sandy Hook situation from occurring. Never mind that those measures infringe on a fundamental right of every American that shall not be infringed. The majority of the population is not siding with politicians on gun control but the politicians don’t yet realize it because all across the country, conversations are being carried on in deadly quiet.

What they don’t hear is a hue and a cry about it from the average citizen. This is largely their reason for their bold announcements. But in the corners of the nation men are preparing their wives and families for the day they don’t come home. Brothers are making plans to resist on familiar ground. Cops are talking to neighbors and each other. Servicemen and women are talking amongst themselves in lowered tones. Sheriffs and their deputies are talking, making plans and calculations as to when to draw that hard line.

It is the quiet before the storm, because DHS is talking too. They are tyring to figure out who is with them and who is against them in the big scheme of things. The government is talking to gun manufacturers and the banks that hold their notes. Bank Of America froze the account of a gun-maker for ideological reasons. Wal Mart will no longer replenish their ammo once it has been depleted.

Why are people discussing the matter in quiet secrecy when the matter being discussed is deadly serious and important?

Because anything one might say to another is a solid statement of intent. When one person tells another that the totalitarian thug that arrives at his door asking about his weapons will be met with lead poisoning, it could be considered a threat and facilitate that knock on the door. These are dangerous times when the government turns against its people.

Why does a bank who received $45 billion from the government freeze the account of a gun manufacturer?

This is how wars start. The government threatens to act unconstitutionally and the people prepare to resist. That resistance is seen as defying the government and the government sends out goons to test the mettle of the police forces to impress their cooperation. They put the squeeze on banks they lent money to to freeze accounts and disrupt businesses. More citizens see the actions of the government as unjust and oppressive and stockpile more goods. The government sees this as aggression and moves to clamp down even harder.

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