When Seconds Count…

…the police are only minutes away. And in New York, here are your finest hard at work:

Aaron Wright, a commanding officer in the IAB (Internal Affairs Bureau) who led the charge in investigating the Bronx ticket fixing scandal, beat his police sergeant girlfriend Nicole McFarlane unconscious.

When McFarlane pulled up in her 2006 Nissan Altima, Wright came out of the shadows and twice kicked the driver-side door, the sources said. Then he slugged her so hard with his right fist that she lost consciousness, according to court documents.The next thing McFarlane remembered was being lifted off the ground by a uniformed cop with her left eye and jaw swollen and bruised, court papers and sources said. She was rushed to Jamaica Hospital.

Over 17 year ago Detective Michael Donnelly had an improper relationship with a key witness in a cabby slaying case that ended up with Eric Glisson being wrongfully imprisoned for the crime for 17 years. Eric is now preparing to sue the city for $100 million:

Glisson’s notice of claim seeks damages from the city. If it does not lead the city to settle the case, he can sue.

“I think the people who committed this atrocity towards me should be held liable,” Glisson said.

Watkins’ lawyer declined to comment. “It’s a wonderful feeling just to get up and see my life is not going to be dictated,” he said.

An NYPD psychologist, Casey Stewart, declared officer Timothy Silo to be unfit for duty because he had the makings of a future alcoholic. Silo was required to report to Stewart after an incident outside a bar during a department holiday party where some thugs attacked the cops.

Silo never went inside the bar, and none of the officers was accused of wrongdoing — but Stewart allegedly considered Silo guilty until proven innocent, according to a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit Silo filed last week.

Stewart spent more than eight hours grilling Silo about his drinking habits and his father’s alcoholism, and berating him as a liar when he insisted he had only consumed two drinks at the holiday party, according to the court papers.

Even though a second psychologist overruled Stewart and declared Silo fit for duty, months later, the determined Stewart kept pushing.

Stewart apparently decided Silo would become an alcoholic one day — and recommended the probationary officer be fired, according to court papers.

Meanwhile, the court system in the Bronx isn’t exactly helping things move along smoothly. There is a backlog of over 900 felony cases, 270 of which are more than 3 years old! Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman called for the 10 state judges to be brought in to help clear the backlog.

The decision to deploy the super-judges comes several months after Lippman dismantled the disastrous 2004 merger of Bronx’s lower Criminal Court with its Supreme Court in an attempt to reduce the backlog of misdemeanor cases – which increased the felony caseload.

The Bronx currently has 931 felony cases that are more than two years old compared to Manhattan which comes in second with 217 pending cases.

“This acute backlog of felony cases is entirely unacceptable to all of us in the courts and the entire justice community in Bronx County. It simply cannot continue any longer.”

Don’t worry though. Now that New York State has passed very restrictive gun control laws everything is safe and sound and there is nothing to concern yourselves with. Sure, there may some problems with mounting public debt, underfunded pensions, potholes, bedbugs, failing schools, etc. but those are really minor in comparison to the important victories: limiting people’s soda consumption, limiting access to pain medication, and trampling on civil rights – all for the sake of our children.

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It’s Tough Being A Cabby In New York City

Here’s the short version: a cabby was arrested after being attacked by two drunken women who claimed he took their cell phone. The cabby, Jaaphar Abdul-Hamid, is suing the city over his arrest.

The details in the story are entertaining in a frightening “I’m glad it didn’t happen to me” kind of way:

Meanwhile, the “highly drunk girl,” began yelling, “I am fine, I only need a bathroom” and demanded to be taken to a gas station or a Dunkin’ Donuts, the suit says.

As Abdul-Hamid pleaded with them to leave the cab, the “highly drunk girl” spit on his face through the open partition. Both women then got out, leaving the passenger-side door open.

But when Abdul-Hamid went to close their door, the “highly drunk girl” hopped into the driver’s seat and dropped his keys down a sewer drain. And when Abdul-Hamid tried to call the cops, the women attacked him, knocking his cellphone to the ground, and the “moderately drunk” woman stuck it in her purse.

Full story at the link.

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Everything You Need To Know About NY SAFE (New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act)

The new law will be known as NY SAFE, for New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act.

The new state law expands the definition of banned weapons to include semiautomatic pistols and rifles with at least one military-style feature. As a result, the Bushmaster AR-15 used in the shooting that killed 20 first-graders and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown would be banned.

New Yorkers who own one of the now-banned weapons can either sell them outside the state or keep them. But if they keep the arms, they have up to a year to register them in a statewide firearms database being created.

The package also bans any gun magazine that can hold more than seven rounds of ammunition, down from the current 10. It requires background checks of ammunition buyers. And ammo dealers will have to register with the state so police can track in real time if someone is stockpiling bullets.

Andrew Cuomo: “We can overpower the extremists with intelligence and with reason and with common sense.”

Notice every time one of these gun grabbers opens his yap they use “common sense” in nearly every sentence. Meaning, of course, you don’t make any sense if you disagree with their extremism. If they had the slightest bit of intelligence they’d realize their political posturing preening will do nothing to save any lives.

Assemblyman Steven McLaughlin (R-Albany) isn’t buying what they’re selling.

“Well New Yorkers are no safer, just like every other gun law that has been passed,” Assemblyman Steven McLaughlin (R-Albany) said. “Harvard has done a study, the CDC has done a study. Gun control laws don’t work because all they do is hamper law abiding citizens. The criminals once again don’t care.”

New York’s new gun controls make the Patriot Act look like a model of legislative deliberation.

While six weeks passed between 9/11 and George W. Bush’s signing of the PATRIOT Act, only four passed between the Sandy Hook massacre and Andrew Cuomo’s signing of New York’s new gun controls. And unlike the New York legislature, Congress was actually in session during that period.

Such “unusual haste” (as the Times describes it) deviates from the normal rule, laid out in Article II, Section 14 of the New York Constitution, that at least three days must elapse between the introduction of a bill and a vote on it. The constitition allows an exception when the governor publicly explains “the facts which in his or her opinion necessitate an immediate vote.”

The term “assault weapon” is made up to be whatever they want it to be, no matter how stupid it seems to anyone even slightly knowledgeable about guns.

As one indication of how well understood this legislation is, a report on it in today’s national edition of The New York Times claims “the expanded assault weapons ban would bar semiautomatic weapons that have a single additional feature to increase their deadliness.” Here is the list of additional features for rifles (updated to reflect the final text): 1) a folding or telescoping stock, 2) a pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon, 3) a thumbhole stock, 4) a second handgrip or a protruding grip that can be held by the non-trigger hand, 5) a bayonet mount, 6) a flash suppressor, muzzle break, muzzle compensator, or threaded barrel designed to accommodate a flash suppressor, muzzle break, or muzzle compensator, or 7) a grenade launcher. Exactly how, you may wonder, does a flash suppressor, a folding stock, or a bayonet mount make a rifle more deadly in the hands of a mass murderer?

Another bit of genius buried in the new law: the Webster provision.

That’s right, a future Presidential hopeful for 2016 is actually bragging about a provision in his gun law named specifically for one individual gun man, even thought that provision could never – EVER – be applied to that gun man.

Completely ignored by the Governor and the Times Union report is the not-so-trivial fact that the man who ambushed and killed the firefighters in Webster, fatally shot himself long before police could ever locate him.

Mr. Cuomo, enlighten the citizens of New York please, and explain how would the Webster Provision have been implemented in the case of say, the actual Webster shooting? Just how much of a f*** do you think the shooter would care about this new law, considering he … is … dead?

The new legislation seems more geared towards helping Andrew Cuomo in the polls rather than actually enhancing safety in any meaningful way.

It’s highly intrusive, but it seems unlikely to address many security concerns — apart from tightening some lax laws governing gun access by the potentially violent mentally ill.

The law focuses heavily on rifles, for example, never mind that rifles were used in all of five murders in New York state in 2011; fists killed 28.

As for handguns, New York’s laws are already among the nation’s strictest — but criminals simply ignore them; only Mayor Bloomberg’s aggressive stop-and-frisk program seems to be having any positive effect. When he’s gone, so will be stop-and-frisk, and then it’ll be Katie-bar-the-door once again.

But if Cuomo had waited, some other governor would have gotten there first — dimming the luster of his own rising star.

Now that New York has rescinded the second amendment, Bob Owens wants to know if there “are any free men still left in New York“?

The cowardly governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, and his craven legislature, have merely convinced millions of New Yorkers to be break the law.

Most modern handguns (other than a few ultra-compact concealed carry pistols that New Yorkers can’t get carry permit for anyway) have a magazine capacity of ten rounds or more. Shooters will have a year to find “New York compliant” magazines, or their firearms are useless… which you must suspect is the state’s goal.

New Yorkers don’t have to stay helpless in the face of the government blatantly violating our civil rights.

New Yorkers have a choice. They can either comply to the demands of their would-be masters, quietly become criminals and hope they don’t get caught acting like free men, or they can fight this abject insanity.

As New York state has no constitutional protections, they must either appeal these laws to a federal judge and up the line to the United States Supreme court years from now, or resolve to take down this draconian law through subversive means.

Civil disobedience is a great start.

You’d be amazed how few transportation arteries their are into New York City, and how easy it would be to turn the city upside down with a few dozen vehicles suffering concurrent “mechanical problems” on bridges and in tunnels during the morning rush hour. This is just one off-the-cuff idea. There are thousands of things you can do to make this totalitarian state falter. Crush Albany’s wallet, and force them to repeal this ill-advised law.

The purpose behind the new law is ultimately confiscation. The first step is registration. How else can you explain the fact that the new law deals with rifles, when in 2011 only 5 people were killed by rifles?

Although Mr. Cuomo said Monday that gun violence was a “scourge on society,” his new law has nothing to do with public safety. Of the 769 people murdered in New York in 2011, only five were by rifle of any type, one less than those killed by strangulation. The top methods of homicide, in order, were: handgun, cutting/stabbing, unknown weapon, unknown firearm, blunt instrument, and hands/fist.

Twitchy has a roundup of people’s reactions to the new law. There are a lot of very good ideas for New Yorkers looking to defend themselves with alternate means. #SelfDefenseInNY

Wear an Obama 2012 t-shirt so potential thieves think you don’t have anything.

Scream out-loud “someone’s smoking in public with a 20oz soda” to get the cops attention

Times may have changed but people and human nature have not.

As the founders knew, however, the power we grant the state to defend us can easily be turned against us. “The means of defence against foreign danger,” Madison wrote, “have been always the instruments of tyranny at home.” Going back even farther, this was why the supporters of republican government stuck the long knives into Julius Caesar. In “crossing the Rubicon,” he violated the law by bringing the Roman army into Italy. This effectively turned the means of protecting the republic into the tool for establishing imperial rule.

In the Second Amendment, the founding fathers sought to protect us against any Rubicon-crossing by granting Americans the right to bear their own arms and form home militias. We own guns, in other words, to defend ourselves from the possibility of government tyranny. It is part of our foundational contract with the American state. This is why, whenever some anti-gun idiot on television cries out, “Why would a hunter need an automatic rifle?” the correct answer is… well, unprintable. The hunter has a 30-06 in his gun cabinet for hunting. The M-16 he hides in the cellar is for the next American Revolution.

Can blaming guns in suicides and mass murders like Sandy Hook serve as a secular substitute for blaming the devil?

People find it too challenging to figure out why a human being would do this terrible thing and they latch on to the idea that the gun made it happen. Suicide presents a similar challenge, and one way to fathom it is to say: It was the gun. Isn’t it like saying the devil made him do it? The gun/the devil is a great go-to answer, freeing you from wracking your brain about the workings of the human mind.

For a palate cleanser, check out the video of State Senator Greg Ball eviscerating Governor Cuomo after the new bill was passed.

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Outrage Over NYC School Bus Union Strike That Leaves 152,000 Kids Stranded

What is the Local 1181 of the Amalgamated Transit Union bus driver strike in New York City all about?

Reps from Local 1181 of the Amalgamated Transit Union say the strike is For the Children™, natch. The claim is that it would be unsafe for kids if drivers don’t have guaranteed job security. But many aren’t buying the trumped-up feel-goodery about child safety and are calling out the selfish union protectionism.

There’s a great roundup of people venting their outrage over the strike at Twitchy. More details on the union’s demands:

Mr. Bloomberg accused the union of abandoning the students who rely daily on the transportation service.

“The union’s decision to strike has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with job protections that the city legally cannot include in its bus contracts,” he said. “We hope that the union will reconsider its irresponsible and misguided decision to jeopardize our students’ education.”

The union said the decision for its 8,800 drivers and matrons to strike — the first since a 13-week strike in 1979 — was essentially about children’s safety. It argued that the strike was necessary to preserve job protection for the most experienced yellow-bus drivers when transportation vendors who employ them lose city contracts.

Those job-security measures will not be included in the competitive bids that the city is soliciting for 1,100 of its routes, or about a sixth of the total number of routes. The cost of all the city’s routes has mushroomed to $1.1 billion annually from about $100 million a year in 1979.

As Travis points out, that works out to $6,900 per student. No wonder NYC is going broke! The closest comparable large city with yellow bus transportation is Los Angeles and they pay a paltry $3,124 per student – less than half of what NYC is paying.

Not all the bus drivers are part of the same union.

The strike was expected to impact about 8,000 drivers and matrons from 1181, who make up about 70 percent of the city’s driver force.

But the DOE reported that some drivers from other unions, who showed up for work Wednesday, were prevented from driving routes when union members blocked their buses from leaving stations, forcing police to intervene.

The union should be ashamed of their actions and the best outcome would be to have all yellow school bus transportation handled by private companies (that don’t have former Department of Education commissioners on their executive board).

DNAinfo has a useful guide available: How to get your kids to school during the bus strike

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City Sends More Homeless To Shelters Inside Apartment Buildings

The Department of Homeless Services pays good money to house homeless people in privately owned residential buildings. Tenants have not been thrilled with the level of upkeep in some buildings, such as the one at 941 Intervale Ave that recently burned down in a fire and was housing 40 homeless families.

Fatoumata Gassama, a mother of six, said roaches and rodents infested the building at 941 Intervale Ave. in Longwood.

Kristin Davis said she endured a leaky roof, moldy walls, sparking electrical outlets and unreliable heating in the apartment there she shared with her wife and five children.

“You name it, it was wrong,” said Davis, 26, a home daycare worker. “No matter how many times you told them, it was never fixed.”

Nearly a dozen other tenants said that longstanding hazards throughout the building — from mattresses in the hallways, to empty extinguishers and faulty fire escapes — endangered residents during the Dec. 9 blaze.

Although there are many criticisms of the DHS program, the city is looking to expand it.

Critics say this scenario — poor living conditions for homeless families and harassment of renters — plays out in many of the apartment buildings where DHS sends its clients.

What’s more, critics say, by converting private apartments into temporary shelter sites, the city is tightening the rental market and making it more difficult for families to find affordable housing.

Despite years of criticism, DHS is continuing to expand the program, which it calls cluster-site housing, to make room for the record number of homeless.

Just how many of your tax dollars are going towards this program?

Last year, DHS placed homeless families in 2,011 cluster-site apartments, up from about 1,500 units in 2009 and 50 when the program began in 2000, according to the department. At an average daily cost of about $106 per contracted unit, the city spent an estimated $77.8 million on the program last year.

Back in 2003 DHS was considering shutting the program down due to the backlash it was getting but they ultimately chose a different solution and kept the program operating.

Eventually, the agency reconfigured it as cluster-site housing by adding certain safeguards, such as building inspections and third-party operators.

Today, DHS pays a handful of private agencies to find and lease apartments, oversee maintenance by the landlords and provide certain services to the DHS tenants, including caseworkers to help with job and apartment hunting.

These contractors operate 1,424 cluster-site units in The Bronx, 484 in Brooklyn and 103 in Manhattan. The city pays them up to $115 each day per unit, which covers the cost of rent and services.

If this program was so terrible and continues to be that way, what changed? What in the world prompted the DHS to continue to run this program even with all the massive problems that they can’t seem to solve?

The Intervale Avenue site is run by Aguila Inc., a nonprofit that operates at least 225 Bronx cluster-site units.

Last fiscal year, Aguila collected about $28.5 million from the city, according to tax records. The company’s CEO is Robert Hess, a former DHS commissioner.

In 2011, an audit by the city comptroller found that Aguila-operated sites had more than 1,700 open code violations related to “hazardous conditions,” which “compromised buildings’ structural integrity and fire safety.” The audit also faulted DHS for its lax oversight of Aguila.

The Intervale Avenue building has 22 open code violations, according to city records.

Just another chapter in the one set of rules for you and me and another set of rules entirely for the well connected. A regular landlord in New York City would have been buried under a blizzard of fines by the Department of Buildings for conditions like that a long time ago.

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A Dozen NYPD Cops Lift Taxi Off Trapped Pedestrian

Perhaps Jason Dross should have considered a career with the NYPD instead?

About a dozen cops lifted a taxi off a pedestrian who was run over early yesterday morning in the South Bronx.

A video that captured the feat of strength showed the unidentified victim pinned under the sedan.

So the quick-thinking cops surrounded the car at East 138th Street and Brown Place, flexed their muscles and lifted the vehicle several times until EMS workers were able to pull the man away shortly after 2:30 a.m.

The victim was taken to Lincoln Hospital, where he was listed in critical condition.

Video at the link.

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In The Words Of Our Nation’s Founding Fathers

What did this nation’s founding fathers, the architects of the Constitution, have to say about their intentions regarding the 2nd amendment?

Jefferson’s Commonplace Book, written between 1774-1776, quoted from criminologist Cesare Beccaria’s 1764 On Crimes and Punishment about an armed citizenry:

Laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes…. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.

There are many more great quotes at the link so read the whole thing.

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The Timidity Of Pragmatic Politics: Bad Money Rising

Jeff at Protein Wisdom is convinced that the actions we are seeing played out with the Obama administration’s policies and the actions of Democrats in Congress and in certain blue states is nothing less than a coup:

I’ll say this again,  and in all seriousness:  this is a coup.  We are living through an attempted coup — the result of a New Left strategy that relies less on ostensible violence than it does on the long march through the institutions, and now the concerted funding source to destroy the remains of free market capitalism.  And make no mistake:  many of those giant pro-market industries that will come under attack will switch positions and join the crony capitalist cabal that allows the left to maintain the appearance of a “capitalist” economy even as what they are institutionalizing is liberal fascism, to be imposed on largely disarmed subjects, who are to be molested through the tax code, the regulatory code, and by the hamstringing of their natural rights, which tyrannical men will claim to lord over and reform as privilege.

Which they dole out in exchange for their secured and permanent power.

Businesses are largely risk averse, and those large enough to be targeted will make the pragmatic decision to survive.  Smaller businesses, under heavier tax burdens and under duress from regulators and lawmakers (a quid pro quo to the large corporations who join the progressive coup effort), will fold or struggle mightily, limiting competition.

In much the same way, GOP establishment lawmakers will surrender to big government, recognizing that the appearance of a two party system keeps them safe and flush with campaign money from those who oppose the coup.  Because they realize that every once in a while, they’ll be voted into power, and then the large revenue streams and the crony system will, for a period, benefit and enrich them.  In fact, it is government qua government that, recognizing the benefits to itself, will clamp down on citizens in order to hold on to the power and perks they are now solidifying for themselves.  Party makes no difference.  Only virtuous men and women are fit to run a free country, and we surrendered principle for pragmatism along time back — willingly, and while being told it was the only way to win elections.

Why are so many media organizations ignoring such a huge story about money and politics when they had previously been all over Citizens United?

There is, as Matthew Continetti notes, a certain irony in the idea that “an association of organizations with combined revenue of more than a billion dollars is launching a campaign to get ‘big money out of politics.’” In truth, no one wants to get money out of politics, but a lot of people want to get their opponents’ money out of politics.

Money per se is a neutral value, but there is, for this purpose, a difference between clean money and dirty money. Clean money is contributed voluntarily out of political or philosophical conviction. Dirty money is money that is not contributed voluntarily, but is extracted from union members and taxpayers against their will. It is dirty money, in my view, that we should get out of politics.

Certain progressive politicians feel emboldened to take advantage of the mourning in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre to push for stricter gun control measures. Never mind that those measures would do nothing to prevent a Sandy Hook situation from occurring. Never mind that those measures infringe on a fundamental right of every American that shall not be infringed. The majority of the population is not siding with politicians on gun control but the politicians don’t yet realize it because all across the country, conversations are being carried on in deadly quiet.

What they don’t hear is a hue and a cry about it from the average citizen. This is largely their reason for their bold announcements. But in the corners of the nation men are preparing their wives and families for the day they don’t come home. Brothers are making plans to resist on familiar ground. Cops are talking to neighbors and each other. Servicemen and women are talking amongst themselves in lowered tones. Sheriffs and their deputies are talking, making plans and calculations as to when to draw that hard line.

It is the quiet before the storm, because DHS is talking too. They are tyring to figure out who is with them and who is against them in the big scheme of things. The government is talking to gun manufacturers and the banks that hold their notes. Bank Of America froze the account of a gun-maker for ideological reasons. Wal Mart will no longer replenish their ammo once it has been depleted.

Why are people discussing the matter in quiet secrecy when the matter being discussed is deadly serious and important?

Because anything one might say to another is a solid statement of intent. When one person tells another that the totalitarian thug that arrives at his door asking about his weapons will be met with lead poisoning, it could be considered a threat and facilitate that knock on the door. These are dangerous times when the government turns against its people.

Why does a bank who received $45 billion from the government freeze the account of a gun manufacturer?

This is how wars start. The government threatens to act unconstitutionally and the people prepare to resist. That resistance is seen as defying the government and the government sends out goons to test the mettle of the police forces to impress their cooperation. They put the squeeze on banks they lent money to to freeze accounts and disrupt businesses. More citizens see the actions of the government as unjust and oppressive and stockpile more goods. The government sees this as aggression and moves to clamp down even harder.

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Jason Dross Was On Workers’ Comp – Until He Got Caught Bench Pressing 500 Pounds

Jason Dross of Celina, Ohio was receiving worker’s compensation since he claimed his injuries were too severe to get any job that would require him to lift more than 10 pounds. Unfortunately for Jason, he was caught on undercover video bench pressing more than 500 pounds!

Jason Dross pleaded guilty to workers’ compensation fraud after investigators with the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation captured the undercover video at the Celina YMCA.

Dross was receiving non-working wage loss, which is payable to injured workers who are unable to find suitable employment, according to a release.

The Special Investigations Department caught Jason on doing his impressive bench pressing at a local YMCA. Now he is facing serious punishment for defrauding the system.

He was sentenced to nine months in jail, suspended for three years of community control under the condition that he maintain employment and pay restitution in the amount of $31,736.98.

The story at WHIO TV’s website features the undercover video.

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Like You And Me, Only Better

David Gregory will walk away from the crime he committed in front of hundreds of thousands of witnesses because he has friends in high places. Maybe it is an admission that the law is pointless but if you or I were caught in DC with a high capacity magazine we would be arrested and imprisoned.

According to District of Columbia Attorney General Irvin Nathan, David Gregory will not be prosecuted “despite the clarity of the violation of this important law”.

In other words, there’s no question that Gregory broke the law. It just doesn’t matter because he’s a nice guy and they like him.

I wonder how many people who’ve been arrested for violating DC’s gun laws — which the cops didn’t even bother to do with Gregory — have gotten away with it because they don’t have a criminal record and they express the correct opinions? Does that particular law say anything about whether or not you’re a threat to public safety? Or does it say you’re not allowed to possess a certain object? Either you possess it or you don’t. Gregory did. It was on TV and everything. He made sure people saw him wave an illegal ammunition magazine in Wayne LaPierre’s face.

David Gregory and his wife Beth Wilkinson, a partner at the law firm Paul Weiss just happen to be good friends with Attorney General Irvin Nathan. The Attorney General should have recused himself at a minimum for the sake of appearances but mostly because this decision stinks of cronyism.

As I thought about it some more, I reached the conclusion that the issue of recusal mattered.  We don’t know the extent of the interaction between Nathan and David Gregory and his wife, but we do know of at least one event when Nathan and Gregory’s wife, with Gregory in attendance, shared a stage.

If I were in that position, having interacted socially with the subject of the potential prosecution and his wife, even if only once, I would have felt uncomfortable as to whether I could make a truly impartial decision whether to prosecute.


To me what is most troubling is not that Gregory was not prosecuted, it’s that the average person likely would not have been treated the same way.  That isn’t an issue of recusal, but it is what the controversy is all about.

The Metropolitan Police Department in conjunction with the Attorney General’s office certainly has not been shy about prosecuting people in the past for violations like the one David Gregory could have been charged with.

In 2012, the police arrested at least 105 people for charges that included possession of a magazine that can hold more than 10 rounds. The OAG charged 15 of those people in cases that included a “high-capacity feeding device or extended clip.”

Ted Gest, the OAG’s spokesman, explained that, “This does not mean that the 105 arrests were presented to us and we charged only 15. Most of the arrests never made it to us — MPD either didn’t bring them to us or brought them to the U.S. Attorney.”

One of the 15 charged was James Brinkley, an Army veteran and federal employee, who was arrested and jailed while legally transporting his unloaded Glock 22 to the range with the two standard 15-round magazines that came with the pistol.

D.C. Assistant Attorney General Rachel Bohlen offered Mr. Brinkley a deal to plead guilty to possession of an unregistered firearm in return for unsupervised probation. He refused to falsely admit guilt.

“I hadn’t done anything wrong,” he told me in an interview. “I felt in my heart I was doing the right thing. I was going to stand up, no matter what the outcome would be.”

In fact, Mr. Nathan wrote in his letter about letting off Mr. Gregory: “We have a history of aggressively prosecuting violations of this statute where the circumstances warrant. There is no doubt of the gravity of the illegal conduct in this matter,especially in a city and a nation that have been plagued by carnage from gun violence.”

To add more to the sordid tale about how people like David Gregory with friends in high places get favorable treatment, Politico seemed to provide very little coverage of this major story. Coincidentally, Meet The Press executive producer Elizabeth Discher Martin happens to be married to Politico senior political reporter Jonathan Martin.

The biggest story within Beltway media circles the past few weeks has been the DC investigation into Gregory brandishing an illegal, 30 round magazine on Meet the Press to attempt to embarrass NRA Chairman Wayne LaPierre. But, if Politico is your sole source of news (God forbid), you’d barely even know it was a controversy at all.

The beltway political rag gave glancing coverage of the story through media analyst Dylan Byers’ blog, and from the beginning, his coverage was to downplay and mock the story as an invention of “right-wing bloggers and pundits” looking for a story over the holidays:

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