Never Be Powerless – Solar Powered Goodness

Charge your cell phone, mp3 player, e-book, etc. when the power goes out or you go off the grid

When the power goes out or you are away from power, be prepared! The recent power outages that occurred in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy underscored the need to have portable power. I originally sought these out for those long days on the beach (remember summer? I miss it already!) with all kinds of digital toys that would inevitably run out of battery power before the fun times were over.

Getting the add-on panels is highly recommended because doing so will triple the charging speed. Now you can go to a music festival or any other weekend adventure and not have to worry about your Kindle, digital camera, smart phone, etc. crapping out in middle of all the fun.

Click the link to see the full product details on ReVIVE Solar ReStore XL+ 6000mAh Solar Powered Universal USB Battery Charger & Flashlight with Rapid-Charge Adapter Panel for Smartphones , Tablets , mp3 Players , Digital Cameras & More!

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