Lawsuit Filed Against NYPD Street Body Scanners

Blogger Jonathan Corbett is the hero of the day for filing suit against the NYPD for their plans to test and use of portable body scanners, similar to the kind used by the TSA at airports. These terahertz body scanners planned for use by the NYPD emit high energy and can destroy DNA.

There are also a few Constitutional problems with their usage:

When the TSA brought nude body scanners to the airports, demanding that the citizens allow the government to photograph them naked in order to get on a plane, there were some who said, “If you don’t like it, don’t fly!” That we should give up some of our liberty in order to “keep us safe,” because airports are where all the terrorists are.

When the TSA started paying visits to Amtrak and Greyhound stations, there were some who still didn’t see the problem. After all, “I’ve got nothing to hide!”

Now the NYPD has asked us to accept body scanners on the streets, allowing them to peer under your clothes for “anything dangerous” — guns, bombs, the Constitution — from up to 25 yards away for, you know, our safety. (And someone please think of the children!)

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