It’s Tough Being A Cabby In New York City

Here’s the short version: a cabby was arrested after being attacked by two drunken women who claimed he took their cell phone. The cabby, Jaaphar Abdul-Hamid, is suing the city over his arrest.

The details in the story are entertaining in a frightening “I’m glad it didn’t happen to me” kind of way:

Meanwhile, the “highly drunk girl,” began yelling, “I am fine, I only need a bathroom” and demanded to be taken to a gas station or a Dunkin’ Donuts, the suit says.

As Abdul-Hamid pleaded with them to leave the cab, the “highly drunk girl” spit on his face through the open partition. Both women then got out, leaving the passenger-side door open.

But when Abdul-Hamid went to close their door, the “highly drunk girl” hopped into the driver’s seat and dropped his keys down a sewer drain. And when Abdul-Hamid tried to call the cops, the women attacked him, knocking his cellphone to the ground, and the “moderately drunk” woman stuck it in her purse.

Full story at the link.

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