Is “Sugar Baby” A Fancy Term For “Prostitute”?

Sugar babies are young women explicitly seeking older, wealthy men (sugar daddies) to pay for stuff, like tuition, rent, clothing, vacations, etc.

“Older gentlemen are more attractive because there’s not much of an issue when it comes to finances and maturity,” she explains. “I am young and I need guidance. I look for guys who are willing to mentor me and help me on my career path.”

And subsidize her lifestyle. Her current beau pays her $4,000 part-time tuition bill and $2,000 housing costs at FIT, and even bought her a 13-inch MacBook Pro laptop ($1,200) for her schoolwork.

Meet the sugar babies, the New York 20-somethings who don’t want to find a job, just an older man to pay their tuition, rent and buy them fancy gifts and taken them on exclusive international vacations.

The sex is merely incidental to the relationship… or so they say.

“I don’t call it prostitution, because you are not being paid directly for sex,” she says. “You are helped financially in different ways: You go shopping, you go out to eat, you go to see plays, you have fun. It’s just like dating.”

Where do we draw the line between a sugar baby and a prostitute?

“I don’t see anything wrong with it, but just because it’s so many younger women — like 20- and 21-year-old girls — and a lot of older men, (other people) really see it as an exchange of sex for money, it’s not necessarily that,” she says. Although she admits that sex just, well, happens.

“It’s an arrangement, but not prostitution. It’s more for companionship,” she explains. “They want to go out for dinner, or go to a movie. Honestly, we only spend time having sex for an hour, less than that; the rest of the night we’re out for dinner or for a show.”

So it’s kind of like prostitution for people who are really bad at math. Eliot Spitzer’s $1,000 an hour escorts were a downright bargain by comparison if you work out the hourly rate for these sugar babies.

Someone well versed in psychology could probably come up with a really interesting perspective on the sugar baby/sugar daddy relationship.

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