For The Michigan Education Association Union, It’s All About The Money

Union leadership is interested in keeping the money flowing in to union coffers at all costs. The big union bosses make some pretty hefty salaries. Regardless of whether policies implemented hurt the people their members work with (like school kids) or even the members themselves doesn’t matter – so long as the money keeps moving in the right direction.

The Michigan Education Association union has been getting nervous about the potential impact on their bottom line in light of new right to work laws set to come into effect this March.

Steven Cook, president of the Michigan Education Association, circulated an email to local unions officials and staff instructing them to monitor revenue streams in light of the right-to-work laws, which are set to go into effect on March 27, 2013. The law allows workers to opt out of union membership unless they have an existing contract with their employer.

“We will use any legal means at our disposal to collect the dues owed under signed membership forms from any members who withhold dues prior to terminating their membership in August,” Cook wrote.

The tone of the message shocked labor reform activists.

“The level to which the MEA appears to be willing to go after its own members—the same ones whose interest they claim to represent—is amazing,” said Mike Van Beek, director of education policy at the Mackinac Center. “When it comes to their revenue, we know where their priorities stand.”

The tide is turning against them and they know it so the unions are willing to do anything to squeeze the last few dollars out of their hustle while they still can.

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