3 Hackers Arrested For Running Online Bank Robbing Ring

Three hackers are accused of distributing a virus to over 1 million computers globally for the purpose of stealing bank data and siphoning off money.

Prosecutors unsealed criminal charges against Mihai Ionut Paunescu, Deniss Calovskis and Nikita Kuzmin for allegedly creating and distributing the Gozi virus.

Paunescu, a Romanian citizen, is in custody there; Calovskis, a citizen of Latvia, is in custody in that country; and the Russian Kuzmin is in US custody.

At least 40,000 computers in the United State were infected, including more than 160 belonging to NASA, prosecutors said. Gozi also hit computers in Germany, the UK, Poland, France, Finland, Italy and Turkey.

Further details at the link.

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